Psychological Assessment

Tests and equipment available in Clinical Psychology Lab, RINPAS

Material for assessment and intervention

  1. (Basic Skills Test) It has been revised at SKILLSCAP (Reference Set)
  2. 16 PF (Personality Factor)
  3. A functional Curriculum for Teaching Students with disabilities
  4. A Scale of Reading-Writing Skills for Pre-Primary School Children (R-W-S test) Hindi.
  5. Abbreviated Intelligence Scale
  6. Achievement Game
  7. Achievement Motivation Test (AMT)
  8. Achievement Test in Accountancy (ATA) English
  9. Achievement Test in Biology (ATB) English
  10. Achievement Test in Science (ATS) English
  11. ADD:H: Comprehensive Teacher Rating Scale
  12. Attention –Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Test (ADHDT)
  13. ADHD Symptom Checklist-4 (ADHD-SC4)
  14. Adolescent Drinking Index - (ADI)
  15. Adolescent Psychopathology Scale-Introductory Kit (APS)
  16. Adolescent Psychopathology Scale-Short Form Introductory Kit (APS-SF)
  17. Adult Education Achievement Test (AEAT) Hindi. (For 15 to 40 years)
  18. Adult Suicidal Ideation Questionnaire (ASIQ)
  19. AIIMS Comprehensive Dementia Assessment Scale
  20. AIIMS Comprehensive Neuropsychological Battery: Adult Form
  21. Alexander's Pass-A-Long Test
  22. Assertion Game
  23. Attention Training System
  24. Autistic Screening Instrument for Education Problem
  25. Battery of process Based Tests in Physics 10th Grade Hindi
  26. Battery of the Pre-Adolescent Personality Test
  27. Baron Emotional Quotient Inventory (BEQI)
  28. Bayley Infant Development Scale
  29. Behavior Rating Instrument for Autistic & Other Atypical Children, 2nd Edition (BRIAAC)
  30. Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function TM - Software Profile (BRIEF­)
  31. Behavior Status inventory
  32. Behavior and Psychological Assessment Dementia TM (BPAD TM)
  33. Bell Adjustment Inventory (BAI)
  34. Bell Adjustment Scale Indian version
  35. Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test (B.G.T.)
  36. Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test: 2nd Edition
  37. Benton Visual Retension Test
  38. Bhagia School Adjustment Inventory
  39. Bhatia Battery of Performance Test of Intelligence
  40. Biology Achievement Test (BAT) 10th grade Hindi
  41. Birth-to-Three assessment and Intervention System (BT AIS-2)
  42. Botany Achievement Test (BAT) Hindi
  43. Brief Intervention for school problems
  44. Bullying Game
  45. Burks Behavior Rating Scale (BBRS)
  46. California Psychological Inventory (C.P.I.)
  47. Central Institute for the Deaf Preschool Performance Scale
  48. Checklist for Child Abuse Evaluation (CCAE)
  49. Child Symptom Inventory
  50. Childhood Autism Rating Scale
  51. Children Apperception Test (C.AT.) Original
  52. Children Personality Questionnaire (CPQ)
  53. Children's Apperception Test (CAT) Animal Figure
  54. Children's Apperception Test (CAT) Human Figure
  55. Children's Color Trails Test (CCTT)
  56. Children's Form of AIIMS Neuropsychological Battery
  57. Children's Perception of Parenting Scale (CPPS). Hindi
  58. Classroom survival Game
  59. Clinical Analysis Questionnaire (CAQ)
  60. Clinical Assessment of Attention Deficit - Software Profile
  61. Clinical Assessment of Behavior (CAB)
  62. Clinical Guide for Progressive Relaxation
  63. Cognitive Behavior Rating Scales (CBRS)
  64. Cognitive Distortion Scales (CDS)
  65. Cognitive Symptoms Checklists (CSC)
  66. College Adjustment Scales-Introductory Kit
  67. Colour Progressive Matrices (C.P.M.)
  68. Communication Chart for Speech Loss
  69. Community Oriental Progammes Environment Scale
  70. Comprehensive Test on Non-verbal Intelligence
  71. Comprehensive Trail-Making Test (CTMT)
  72. Cooper smith Self Esteem Inventory
  73. Coping Resources Inventor-Preview Kit (CRI)
  74. Coping Responses Inventory - (Specify the Forms Adult of Youth) Introductory Kit
  75. Correctional Institutions Environment Scale
  76. Cube Construction Test
  77. Curriculum Adaptation for Students with Learning and Behavioral Problems
  78. Curriculum Guide for Deaf-Blind and severally Multi-handicapped students
  79. Defense Mechanism Inventory (DMI)
  80. Defense Mechanisms Inventory Introductory Kit(DMI)
  81. Dementia Rating Scale-Introductory Kit (DRS)
  82. Depression and Anxiety in Youth Scale
  83. Developmental screening Test (D.S.T.)
  84. Developmental Tasks for Kindergarten Readiness-II
  85. Diagnostic Spelling Test (DST) English
  86. Diagnostic Test in Decimal Systems and Percentage (DTDSP) Hind. (For 8th class)
  87. Difference Game
  88. Differential Aptitude Test (DAT)
  89. Dimension of Friendship Scale (DFS)
  90. Disability Assessment scale (DAS)
  91. Distressful Life Event Scale
  92. Draw A Man Test for Indian Children Hindi (1987 Ed.). (For 2.6 To 16 years)
  93. Draw-A-Man Test
  94. Drugs and alcohol Games
  95. Dysfunctional Analysis Questionnaire (DAQ)
  96. Early Personality Questionnaire (EPQ)
  97. Ego Strength Scale
  98. Embedded Figures Test
  99. Embedded Figures Test H Indian Adaptation
  100. Emotional Disturbance Decision Tree (EDDT)
  101. Emotional Maturity Scale (E.M.S.)
  102. Emotional Problems Scales - (EPS) Introductory Kit
  103. Emotional Stability Test for Children (ESTC) Hindi. )
  104. English Language Achievement Test (10 to 12 Grades)
  105. Environment Science Achievement Test (ESAT) English
  106. Esteem Game
  107. Express it
  108. Expressive One Word Vocabulary Test and Receptive One-word vocabulary Test
  109. Eysenck's Personality Questionnaires (EPQ)
  110. Family Climate Scale (FCS)
  111. Family Functioning Questionnaire Hindi (FFQ)
  112. Family Living Game
  113. Family Pathology Scale (FPS) Hindi
  114. Family Relation Inventory (FRI)
  115. Family Relation's Test: Children's Version-Complete Set
  116. Family Relations Tests: Adult Married Couple's Version
  117. Frustration Game
  118. General Classroom Achievement Test (GCAT) Hindi (for 6th to 8th Class)
  119. General Health Questionnaire-Set (GHQ)
  120. Geometric Concepts Test (GCT) English
  121. Gilliam Asperger's Disorder Scale (GADS)
  122. Gilliam Autism Rating Scale (GARS)
  123. Global Adjustment Inventory (Student)(GAS)
  124. Global Adjustment Inventory-Adult
  125. Golombok Rust Inventory of Sexual Satisfaction
  126. Group Test of Intelligence (14-17)
  127. Group Test of Intelligence (9-13)
  128. Guidelines for Writing Psychological Reports
  129. Hamilton Depression Inventory (HDI)
  130. Haptic Intelligence Test (HIT)
  131. Health Problem Checklist
  132. Hindi Achievement Test 8th grade (HAT) Hindi
  133. Holtzman Ink Blot Test
  134. Home Environment Inventory
  135. I'M Not Crazy, I'M Just Not You.
  136. Indian Child Intelligence Test (ICIT):
  137. Adaptation of Revised Amsterdam Kinder Intelligence Test (ARKIT).
  138. International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE)
  139. Interpersonal Adjective Scale-INTRODUCTORY Kit
  140. IPAT (Anxiety Scale)
  141. IOWA Gambling Task TM (IGT TM)
  142. Ishihara's Test of Colour Blindness
  143. Jodhpur Multiphase Personality Inventory. (JMPI)
  144. Joseph Pre-School & Primary Self Concept Screening Test (JPPSST)
  145. Kasanin - Haufinan Modified Vygotskey Concept Formation Test
  146. Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (K-ABC)
  147. Kaufman Development Scale (KDS)
  148. Kaufman Infant and Preschool Scale (KIPS)
  149. Kent inventory of Development Skills (KIDS)
  150. Koh's Block Design Test
  151. Koppitz-2: Koppitz Developmental Scoring System for the BGT 2nd Ed.
  152. Kundu Neurotic Personality Inventory
  153. Language Creativity Test (LCT) in English language
  154. Language Creativity Test (LCT) in Hindi language
  155. Learning Disabilities Diagnostic Inventory
  156. Leiter-R
  157. Letter Cancellation Test
  158. Life Interpersonal History Inquiry (UPHE)
  159. Life Satisfaction Scale (LSS)
  160. Life Stressors and Social Resources Inventory- (specify the Form Adjust or Youth)
  161. Living with parents Game
  162. Locus of Control Scale (LCS)
  163. Long Term Memory (L.T.M.)
  164. Luria Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery Children's Revision (LNNB)
  165. Luria Nebraska, Neuropsychological Batter Form-l
  166. Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery (LNNB) Form II Computer Scoring
  167. Malin's Intelligence Scale for Indian Children
  168. Mangal Emotional Intelligence Inventory (MEII) Hindi
  169. Marital Adjustment Questionnaire (MAQ)
  170. Marital Attitude Evaluation (MATE)
  171. Marriage and Family Attitude Survey
  172. Mathematics Achievements Multiple Choice Question (A TMCQ) English
  173. Maudsley Personality Inventory (MPI) English
  174. Measures of Psychosocial Development-Introductory Kit (MPD)
  175. Memory Assessment Scale
  176. Mental Fatigue Test
  177. Mental Health Scale Hindi
  178. Mental Health Battery (MHB)
  179. Merrill-Palmer Scale
  180. Middle infant Screening Test and Forward Together
  181. Mini - Mental State Examination (MMSE)
  182. MMPI-2 Adult Interpretive System Version 2 (MMPI-2AIS) Version
  183. MMPI-2 Structural summary
  184. MMPI-A Interpretive System (MMPI-A)
  185. MR Adoptive Behavior Scale Residential and Community 2nd Edition (ABSRC:2)
  186. Modem Occupational Skills Tests (Most)
  187. Mohite Home Environment Inventory(MHEI)
  188. Mohsin's Significant Other Attitude Scale
  189. Motivational Analysis Test (MAT)
  190. Mullen Scales of Early Learning
  191. Multi Dimensional Parenting Scale (M.D.P.S.)
  192. Multiple Self Esteem Inventory
  193. Neuropsychology Behavior and Affect Profile
  194. Non Verbal Test of Creative Thinking
  195. NEO Software System TM with NEO-PIR, NEO-FFI TM and NEO-PDR
  196. OMNI-IV Personality Disorder Inventory (OMNI-IV)
  197. P.G.I. BBD
  198. P.G.I. Health Questionnaire
  199. P.G.I. Social Support Hindi
  200. Paired Associates Learning
  201. Pandey's Cognitive Development Test for Pre-School (PCDTP). (For 3 to 5 years)
  202. Parent Child Relationship Scale
  203. Parenting Stress Index (PSI) Third Edition-Introductory Kit
  204. Parenting Stress Index- (PSI) Short Form -Kit
  205. Peabody Development Motor Scales and Activity Cards (PDMS-2)
  206. Peabody Mobility kit for infants and Toddlers (PMKIT)
  207. Peabody Model Vision Project (PMVP)
  208. Personal Problems Checklist Adult
  209. Personal Value Questionnaire (PVQ)
  210. Personality Disorder Interview (PDI)
  211. Personality Game
  212. PGI Battery for Assessment of Mental Deficiency in the Elderly
  213. PGI General Well Being Measure
  214. Physics Achievement Test (PAT) 10th Grade Hindi
  215. Portage Early Education Programme
  216. Porteuz Maze Test
  217. Pre-School Behavior Checklist (PBCL)
  218. Pre-School Behavior Checklist-Administration Pack-Manual
  219. Pre-School Screening Instruments (PSSI)
  220. Preverbal communication schedule
  221. Problem Solving Ability Test (PSAT) Hindi (For 12 to 17 years)
  222. Psychological Pain Inventory-Introductory Kit
  223. Psychotherapy Outcome kit: Sampler set
  224. Quality of Life Scale Hindi
  225. Quick neurological Screening Test (QNST )
  226. Rao Social Maturity Scale
  227. Rapid Automatic Naming (RAN) English
  228. Reading Test (RT) Hindi. (For 11 to 15 years)
  229. Recognition Memory Test
  230. Referral checklist
  231. Relapse prevention Recovery Game
  232. Retroactive Inhibition Effect of Interpolated Activities on Previous Learning.
  233. Revised Behavior Problem Checklist PAR Edition - Introductory Kit
  234. Rey Complex Figure Test and Recognition Trial-Introductory Kit
  235. Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale-Introductory Kit (RADS)
  236. Reynolds Child Depression Scale (RCDS)
  237. Reynolds Depression Screening 'Inventory-Introductory Kit (RDSI)
  238. Roger's Criminal Responsibility Assessment Scales (RCRAS)
  239. Roger's Personal Adjustment Inventory (RPAI)
  240. Role Ambiguity Scale Hindi
  241. Role Conflict Scale Hindi
  242. Rorschach Psycho diagnostics
  243. Rosenzweig's Picture Frustration Test
  244. Sack's Sentence Completion Test (SSCT)
  245. Sanskrit Achievement Test (SAT)
  246. Schedule of Growing Skills
  247. Science Achievement Test (SAT) Hindi
  248. Screening Test for Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery - Adult & Children
  249. Seguin Form Board
  250. Senior Apperception Test (S.A.T.)
  251. Sentence completion Test (SCT)
  252. Sexual Attitude Scale (SAS) English
  253. Sexuality Scale
  254. Short Term Memory (S.T.M.)
  255. Sinha’s Comprehensive Anxiety Test
  256. Skills Training Of Children with Behavior Disorders
  257. Slossan Intelligence Test-Revised (SIT03/R)
  258. Social Adjustment Inventory (SAI)
  259. Social Behavior Assessment Inventory (SBAI)
  260. Social Maturity Scale( SMS)
  261. Social Skill Training: Enhancing Social Competence with Children and Adolescents
  262. Social skills in the classroom
  263. Socio Economic Status Scale (Rural)
  264. Socio Economic Status Scale (Urban)
  265. Sociogenic Needs Satisfaction Scale
  266. Somatic Ink Blot Test (SIS)
  267. Span of Immediate Memory: Auditory & Visual
  268. Standard Progressive Matrices (S.P.M.)
  269. Stanford Binet Test
  270. State - Trait Anxiety Inventory for Children (STAlC)
  271. State trait Anxiety Test (STAT)
  272. Statistics Achievement Test (SAT) Hindi. (For School & College Student)
  273. Structured Interview for the Five-factor Model of Personality-Introductory Kit
  274. Styles of Conflict Inventory: Preview Kit
  275. Substance Abuse Relapse Assessment - Introductory Kit (SARA)
  276. Suicidal Ideation Questionnaire Introductory Kit (SIQ)
  277. Test Anxiety Inventory
  278. Teacher, Parent, and Self-Report Forms (ACTERS)
  279. Test for Phonological Awareness
  280. Test On-verbal Intelligence-3 (TONI-3)
  281. The Autistic Continuum: An Assessment & Intervention Schedule ­
  282. The Dependence Proneness Scale (DPS)
  283. The Multidimensional Self-Esteem Inventory (MSEI)
  284. The Problem Solving Inventory (PSI)
  285. The Schedule of Growing Skills
  286. The Stroop Neuro-Psychological Screening Test
  287. Thematic Apperception Test (T.A.T.) Original and Indian version
  288. Trauma Symptom Inventory (TSI) Introductory Kit
  289. Type A/B Behavioral Pattern Scale (ABBPS) HIE
  290. Verbal Test of Creative Thinking (VTCT)
  291. Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scale (VABS)
  292. Vineland Social Maturity Scale (VSMS)
  293. Visual functioning assessment tools (VF T)
  294. Vocational Interest Record (VIR)
  295. WAIS-III
  296. Ward Atmosphere Scale
  297. Ways of coping Questionnaire
  298. WCST-64: Computer version Scoring Programme - Version 2 Research Edition (WCST-64)
  299. Wechsler's Adult Performance Scale of Intelligence (WAPIS-PR)
  300. Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale revised (W.AI.S.-R)
  301. Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children III (W.I.S.C.-III)
  302. Weschler's Pre-Primary and Primary Scale of Intelligence (W.P.P.S.I-R)
  303. Wide Range Interest Opinion Test (WRIOT)
  304. WISC Mental Description Sheets
  305. Wisconsin Cards Sorting Test (WCST)
  306. Word Association Test - Jung
  307. Workshop & Seminar Evaluation Rating Scale
  308. WPPSI-III
  309. You can Change Your Child's Behavior: A Practical Guide for Parents
  310. You CAN control your Child's Behavior
  311. Young Children Achievement Test
  312. Youth Problem Inventory
  313. Aggression Scale
  314. Socio Intelligence Scale
  315. Socio Economic Status scale
  316. Career Preference Record
  317. Education Interest Record
  318. Comprehensive Interest Schedule
  319. Education Aspiration Scale (EAS-VSG)
  320. Education Aspiration Scale (EAS-PSG)
  321. Sex Behavior Attitude Scale
  322. Attitude Scale towards Religion
  323. Attitude Scale towards Education
  324. Comprehensive Modernization Inventory
  325. Dimension of Rigidity Scale
  326. Rigidity Scale
  327. Children Perception of Parenting Scale
  328. Parental Support Scale
  329. Parental Involvement Scale
  330. Tests for Social Acceptability among Peers
  331. Perceived Loneliness Scale
  332. Social Competence Scale
  333. Self Concept Questionnaire
  334. Marital adjustment Inventory
  335. Job Satisfaction Scale
  336. Religiosity Scale
  337. Interpersonal Judgment(Attraction) Scale
  338. Social Preference and Social Behavior inventory
  339. Locus of Control Indian Adaptation
  340. Self Acceptance Inventory
  341. Self Confidence Inventory
  342. Self Disclosure Inventory for Adolescent
  343. Self Disclosure Inventory for Adult

Material for assessment and intervention Equipment

  1. Alpha EEG Biofeedback- Equipment
  2. Blind Goggles- Equipment
  3. Bruininski-Oseretsky Test Kit of Motor Proficiencies- Equipment
  4. ECG Biofeedback- Equipment
  5. Electro sleep "Meddle" E.S.A-702Equipment
  6. EMG Biofeedback- Equipment
  7. Finger Dexterity- Equipment
  8. Frosting Box- Equipment
  9. G.S.R. Biofeedback- Equipment
  10. Human Maze Electronic- Equipment
  11. Human Maze Learning Electronic with Auto reset Error counter & timer- Equipment
  12. JVPDomes- Equipment
  13. Kinesthetic Figural After Effect - Equipment
  14. Mirror Drawing Electronic Auto-read Error Counter and Timer- Equipment
  15. Mirror Drawing Electronic with Reset Six Digit Error Counter - Equipment
  16. Muller-Leyer-Illusion Apparatus- Equipment
  17. Perceptuo motor (Talking Pen)- Equipment
  18. Pulse Biofeedback- Equipment
  19. Respiration Biofeedback- Equipment
  20. Smedley Hand Dynamometer- Equipment
  21. Stop Watch (Mechanical)
  22. Stop Watch (Russian)
  23. Temperature Biofeedback "Biotrainer"- Equipment